Fisch im Bananenblatt

Promoted by the "Margarete Mueller" – donation

In general, all profi-courses by cooking culture are promoted by the "Walter and Margarete Mueller"-donation for all professional cooks, who work in a permanent employment, and not self-employed.

The promotion is also given to kitchen-specialists with a minimum of entire 5 years professional experiences.

The course-/testing fees might be reimbursed upon request, and as long as the invoice is issued to the participant of the course, and payed by him/her.

An important precondition is the proof of a cook training, the application confirmed by the institut of the planned further education and application before the beginning of the course, and not only during or after the participation.

The final exam must be passed, and proven by a legalized certificate. Furter information and application modalities can be directly gained from

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