Brilliant cooking with Kochkultour

Our cooking courses offer new inspirations for professionals, waiter, restaurant master, barkeeper and prepare well-directed for the examinations:

  • Professioinal cooking course
  • Examination preparation courses for apprentices
  • Examination preparation courses for future master chefs and restaurant master.
  • individual single courses for recruiting newcomers from a variety of different areas and professionals

Benefit from the professional cooking courses of long-lasting experiences by Kai Mehlers and his creative team of competent master chefs and restaurant master.
In We offer you the ideal possibility in small groups to extend your subject-specific abilities. Under consideration of the requirements by the industrial chamber of commerce, we take-up current trends, and offer like this, the ideal base for study-intensive learning sessions to take you expertly and safely through the examination phase.

Promoted by the "Margarete Mueller" – donation

The Walter and Margarete Mueller donation / Hamburg promotes master students and apprentice cooks and takes over under certain conditions upon applications the costs of the profi-course cooking culture. Further information