Cooking Apprentice examination menü preparation course

In this course, you cook your personally chosen examination menu according to each predefined rules of the industrial chamber of commerce. Under the supervision of experienced professionals, the workflows get optimized, so that you can enter expertly and safely the examination.

  • Dates of your choice
  • incl. cleaning, and service
  • Course fee including all groceries
  • On day 2 will two of your invited guests enjoy your prepared menu (we will charge a flat-rate of 40,00€/person, max. 6 guests)
  • Usage of high-class Gaggenau machines (induction hob, steam-baking-oven, oven with core temperature sensor) and further electrical modern, professional domestic appliances (for example Pacojet, Kenwood, Kitchen Aid kitchen appliance incl. accessories (noodle machine, meat chopper, cutter, and so on).
  • For the participation of a course, the creation of the following documents is prerequisited: your personal chef menu including all needed ingredients, recipes, list of orders, workflow plan, listing of the single components of a menu
  • Please bring groceries, knifes, the appropriate clothings, special tools and forms with you

Course day 1: (approx. 1 to 2 hours)

Final discussion of the menu selected by you in advance, ideally in agreement and cooperation with the individual trainers.

Tips for the composition of the single menus, review of recipes, control of list of order list, listing of single components of the menu, optimization of the workflow plan.

Before the beginning of the course (latest one week before), the documents, prepared by you s.a. have to be forwarded to u.

Course day 2:

Cooking of the menu under examination conditions (4 hours preparation, plus 2 hours arranging and serving)

support is given in the preparation of difficult work steps, including the setting-up and the recording of the workflow

Adding and further optimization of the workflow

Final meeting incl. the evaluation and proposals for improvement with constructive tips

2-Rates of the day 600,00 €