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Enjoy cooking – enjoy with friends

Welcome to Kochkultour!

The first cookery and pastry school in Saarland

Learn more about the art of cooking in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere under the expert guidance of professional chef Kai Mehler. Broaden your culinary knowledge by taking part in all stages of meal preparation and then get to savour the meal as well! A very special evening awaits you, full of tips and tricks from the world of the professional chef.

 Schwenken de luxe

Schwenken de luxe – BBQ und Cocktails

Unser BBQ Event vom 14.08.2019 bis 18.08.2019 am Sender Europa 1 in Überherrn-Berus.
Vom 14. bis zum 18. August 2019 können sich kochfreudige Genießer auf ein rundum gelungenes kulinarisches Paket mit Kochkultour freuen.
Genauere Informationen mit dem ausführlichen Programm und Menüs finden alle Koch- und Grillinteressierte.... hier.
Da die Teilnehmerplätze begrenzt sind ist eine frühzeitige Reservierung erforderlich.

Kochkultour has the ideal gift.

Here you can find a very special present for a very special person.
The Kochkultour gift-voucher guarantees anticipation to a culinary evening – for friends, relatives or work colleagues.

Creative and communicative – business events

Teambuilding via the culinary way.

Incentives – creative and elegant little somethings.


Celebrate Christmas with Kochkultour

Let Kochkultour organise your Christmas party. Be it a dinner for two or a big event, we’ll do the hard work, you have all the fun! From individual menu planning and shopping through to the washing-up – Kochkultour makes it all possible!

For more details and booking, just contact us!